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BangGood Reviews 2021: Is It A Legit Online Store or Scam?

Banggood reviews 2021: As we’re well aware that online shopping have reached its height since the last few decades. Sitting back at home and getting the best products online, whats more one can get? these e-commerce websites have made things that easy.

Here I’m to tell you about one of such e-commerce website, now perhaps you’ve run into this site and here to fetch some of its reviews. Now, if you have great love for gadgets and electronic stuffs, you’re at the right place. Banggood sell over 200,000 products right from clothing to gadgets, electronics, automobiles, fashion and lifestyle products.

It’s huge collection of catchy gadgets and toys will draw you towards it, each time you browse. These retailing platforms has its mobile app also, which have made shopping much easier. Banggood is a Chinese retailer, selling products at rock-bottom price makes customers wonder if it is legit? Banggood reviews? Banggood Refund & Return Policy? its Prices? can we expect the same type of Customer Service we get from Amazon? or what is the shopping experience like?

Obviously any such oversea e-commerce store which is so far away make us skeptical, but this should not worry you anymore as I’ve tried to help you know all about Banggood & answer the above listed questions. Though all of the answers won’t be pleasant enough but you’ll thank me later.

Banggood says “Best bang for your buck” which is the motto of this e-commerce platform stating that it sells high quality items at a much cheaper rate. All of its high quality products are shipped from china throughout the world.

Shopping here is similar to Amazon here also before buying any product, you need to create yourself an account in the site. One of the prime tip before shopping from any of these abroad e-commerce sites is to checkout the reviews of the product you’re about to buy. So lets jump into Banggood reviews.

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BangGood Reviews

What is Banggood?

Banggood is a online platform where the Chinese e-commerce company sells products right from branded clothing to catchy electronic toys, gadgets, home appliances and accessories. Its headquarters is located in Baiyun Park, Guangzhou, China with oversea warehouses in  Australia, Europe, Hong-Kong and the United States.

Although the company started on 9th September 2006 & has been around since a decade and more, while stating the Banggood reviews we still couldn’t discover the actual person behind this online store.

Well! if you would ask me, i would describe it as sort of Chinese competitor to Amazon. Its kind of real glitzy website having all kinds of really cool high tech devices, and it gives them in some really amazing & incredible prices. So when you kind of look at it, it’s very easy to get sucked in.

Their official website is

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Is Banggood legit?

So before trying some of these far away oversea retailing platform, its important to check its legitimacy to make sure you’re investing your dollars at the right place. Well! talking about Banggood, it is a Limited Liability Private Company’s website who’s been in business for years.

It has its strong core team including customer service, management, Administration, warehouses etc. Its overseas warehouses are in Australia, Europe, Hong-Kong and the United States offering many partnerships for entrepreneurs such as dropshippers.

So about its existence we can conclude that the website is very much real, shipping from its real warehouses to people across the world. Lets get into Banggood reviews to know further.

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Banggood Reviews & Services:

As it is a Chinese retailing website and all that it sells are wholesale products, the quality is not that good. This means that Banggood offers deal and not necessarily the best quality products. We at times get attracted by the cheap prices of the product available here, but at the end the low price reflects the product quality.

As the customers have warned in Banggood reviews that the website has some size issues, one should go for at least 2 sizes up. Apart from this the return policy is of only 3 days, but the fact that it takes return makes the customers rest assured that they’ll get what they’ve ordered for. reviews

Banggood Positive reviews

  • There’s a lot of really cool technologies out here, things like drones, 3 D printers and many more at a much cheaper rate which looks like amazing.
  • Its nice and useful tools impresses bunch of customers, who’ve also stated in Banggood reviews that its famous for selling nice smartphone, models and electronics equipment.
  • The customer service is good here, you may face crap at times but in that case you can talk to the helpline to help you out and they’re right there helpful and quick.
  • It offers shipping worldwide to each and every country in the world.
  • Banggood being cheaper than many online sites available, its low prices and satisfactory product quality attracts huge customers.

Banggood Negative reviews

  • Because of additional shipping charges, you’re effectively not going to return things. However, from Banggood reviews they replace stuff that’s broken or not delivered at all. But you need to be careful while buying stuffs you might later decide you don’t like.
  • Usually the product page says that Banggood takes some time to deliver package to your region. Shipping times can be very long here. So if you forget to order something, you’ll have to wait 2-4 weeks before everything arrives.
  • Expect one or two all the shipping methods are pricey and you may have to pay for tulls!
  • One shouldn’t expect much in the way of instructions, at times they send manual in Chinese and even the site for setting the router is in Chinese. Which is not understood by most!
  • You may need to pay import duties on delivery, depending on your location.
  • You don’t get what you pay for, many customers have reported in Banggood reviews getting scammed while purchasing electronic gadgets and mobile accessories. As the products bought barely matches the description.

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BangGood Refund & Return Policy

Let say you face mishaps and land up getting products which are damaged, different or not working, don’t worry as Banggood takes care of all this by its refund and return policies. They keep their return windows open for 30 days after shipment or 7 days after receiving the item.

However the time period  is 40 days after shipment for Brazil & Russia. You browse online and order the product you wish to purchase, as soon as your item is shipped Banggood sends an e-mail having all the details of your order including shipment date and others. Suppose in any case you’re not satisfied with the item delivered, you can easily ask for a refund or return.

But for this you need to contact them stating whether you want a refund or replacement, along with a photo or video showing the issue you’re facing with the item. The people on the other side will look into your claim and ask for further information if needed. And if you’re request have been approved they’ll arrange a refund or in case of replacement you’ll be asked to return the defective product.

But in this case all the shipping fee is to borne by the customer itself. So, this is how the policy works however customers have complained in Banggood reviews stating the difficulty they’ve faced in refund. Getting back our own damn money is a hectic task here!

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BangGood Prices

As mentioned above the motto which Banggood follows is “best bang for your buck” which means the company tries its best to sell quality products at a much cheaper rate. Nowadays everyone wants to give reasonable rate for items they’re buying, nothing more!

For this reason every online retailing platforms are now selling items at a much lower and affordable rate. Whereas in Banggood reviews you’ll find customers stating that the products sold here are at their rock-bottom prices which is in other words is “too good to be true”.

Accessories like car headlights, LED lamps, Laptops and office supplies start from $50, whereas the Smartphones and tablets go up to $150. Banggood women’s clothing which include Dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, Swimwear, lingerie, Activewear etc ranges from $5 to $100.

Whereas Banggood man’s clothing which include tops, bottom, outdoors, Sleepwear, Underwear, Daisy SprayColorful Stripe, Holiday Now  Collection etc also ranges between $5 and $100. Men’s accessories like ties, socks, fedoras and watches and Women’s accessories like jewelry sets generally range from $1 to $20.

They also sell electronic stuffs like drones, 3 D printers, RC robot toys, quadcopters etc where each of them on an average costs $50.

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BangGood Customer Service

Well! the first thing we check while buying any product online is whether the platform has an active customer service or not. And any online retailing store having nice service is considered to be an ideal shop. Banggood says that it entertains all its customers submissions within 24 hours.

So if you face crap, have any problem with your package you can reach out to customer service representative. It allow you to contact using your email id, telephone, live chat or contact forms.

However they have a “Contact Us” page also in their website where you can put forward your submission using email id. Some customers have found this method of contacting a bit slow, but no worries in that case you can opt for a live chat.

Like chat is done through its website itself an available 24/7. Banggood supports telephone services, you can ring them on +00852-35903678 from 12:00 am to 9:00 am( UTC+8) during week days( Monday to Friday).

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BangGood Shipping

Except China, South Sudan, Yemen, Crimea, and Syria, Banggood ship worldwide. Though it has a variety of shipping method. Namely- Standard Shipping, Air Parcel Register, Railway Direct Mail, Expedited Shipping, Service, EMS (Express Mail Service) and Cash on delivery, the shipping option available to you varies on the basis of type of item, the country you are sending to and the the warehouse you are ordering from.

Air parcel takes 7-12 business days costing  $4.12, EMS takes 7-15 days costing $8.84. And if you want your item quickly, maybe for some occasion or so you can also opt for expedited shipping to the US which takes 5-8 business days costing $0.94.

Banggood makes it clear that one cannot change the shipping method once an item is already shipped, so you need to make the choice carefully. However in the Banggood reviews customers have suggested that although they’ve variety of shipping options, one should go with the best ones which include:

  • Priority Direct Mail.
  • EU Priority Line.

Best BangGood Alternatives

Well! looking for alternatives is always a good way to shop, you should always have options especially when it comes to shopping. Shopping lovers will get this! So, while taking a look at Banggood reviews and knowing all good bad and worst about it, you also have the right know its alternatives.

So, the best alternative I would recommend is Amazon, an online shopping platform selling products right from  home appliances, furniture, toys, clothing to music, Android apps and software. It also serves free and fast delivery within 1-2 days. Others include eBay, Aliexpress, GearBest,, JUMIA, Zalando, Particl Marketplace etc.

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Is banggood safe

After taking a look at Banggood reviews and going through all good and bad and worst about it, I would like to conclude that it is safe to shop at. As it ships from real warehouses to real people across the world, also it would never take your money and cheat you. And if someone doesn’t get their items delivered then its the customs department that is to blamed.

Now after all the complains about the product quality and shipping issues, if you’re okay with Banggood  that you should surely go for it. Else the customer is also good so if you face any problem you can reach out to them easily via telephone or other methods.

Sites like banggood:

  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • RoseWholesale
  • Gearbest
  • Fishpond
  • Newfrog

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