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GlassesUSA Reviews 2021: Safe Place To Buy Glasses?

GlassesUSA reviews 2021: So, are you looking for some new glasses or maybe you just want to get some new quick shades? Well! we’ve something interesting for you. There are many such online retailing sites I’ve reviewed about, but today for a change I’ve brought a review on a Glasses.

We will in a world now, where buying anything online on earth, has become so easy. You have the best-branded stores on your fingertips. All you need to do is browse, select, order, and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Glassesusa Reviews

But hold on! are these online platforms as good as they claim to be. For this reason itself, you’re here to go through a couple of GlassesUSA reviews to know all the good, bad, and worst about it.

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What’s more than getting a wide range of frames on your prescription eyewear, GlassesUSA sells over 9 best brands including- Ray-Ban, DVF, Oakley, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Micheal Kors, Prada, and Persol. It has a huge collection of designer and Non-designer frames from where you can simply browse and make your choice.

Not only this, but it also allows you to virtually wear and try out the frame, so now you don’t even need to rely on models showcasing the frame. Just use your web camera and try out the frame on your pretty face instead, hence by the power of internet GlassesUSA tries to give you live shopping experience. But is everything as pretty as it looks like? let us check quickly by getting into it what you guys really came here for.

GlassesUSA Reviews 2020 reviews

What is GlassesUsa?

It is an online retailing website selling eyewear. So, get your prescribed glasses of the best frame here. It was founded in 2009, by Daniel Rothman, Eldad Rothman, and Roy Yammer. And one of its founders, Daniel Rothman is also the company’s CEO now.

The website has worked on its features since back the decade and at present, it has several excellent GlassesUSA reviews, also about 130,000 visitors visiting the page each day. Though the website mainly focuses on North America, it still ships to more than 90 countries.

It gives you full-featured and mature shopping experience by using smart online gadgets. It uses a” Virtual Mirror” feature, thus replacing the catchy stock of model pictures by your face using a camera.

It’s official website is

Is Glassesusa legit?

It’s always wise to check if the online store is legit or not before you spend your dollars into it. There are so many online stores out there but the question being are all of them worth trusting? Well! While we researched the site we got to the conclusion that GlassesUSA is very much legit and can be trusted on. There are several such reasons which prove the legitimacy of the website.

The first one being, the founder and the owner of the company is known beforehand. Many a time it’s hard to trust any random online store where the founder or the owner of that particular platform is a mystery. Because then we don’t know where the site has come from. And usually, the scammers and fraudsters are behind the curtain and don’t come into the light.

The second reason is the long period the site has been for. Usually, the scamming sites can’t stand for long, and the life-span of such legit sites is more. Basically because after some time they are exposed. Here GlassesUSA was founded in 2009 and has been there for more than a decade.

Other point being recognition, GlassesUSA is been recognized worldwide. And its glasses are shipped to over 92 countries. In 2011-2019 it was also recognized as “Internet Retailer”, and was listed among the top 500 online retailers of the USA. Also, GlassesUSA customer reviews are above average and Stella service rated it as  “Excellent” in the year 2015.

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Is Glasses USA Trustworthy?

To be honest, trusting any such online platform is a big deal. And I’m sure you must have got a bit of skeptical feeling about this one too. So, the question is can one trust GlassesUSA?

The website gives you a full-fledged shopping experience, just as you expect from a well-established and successful online business. The price of the frames are not skyrocketing, so you get the best brands at a reasonable rate. Hence it can be said that the site does not scam people of their money.

GlassesUSA has been leading all the online eyewear sites since the very beginning (2009). Though the collection of the lens here is not that remarkable due to lack of options, the frames are good. Here you can also scan your prescription and get the eyewear accordingly.

The smart online gadgets they use to virtualize the frame on your face also comes handy in choosing and buying. And the website also has lots of offers popping up each day. Free shipping, returns, and a money-back guarantee on refunds make the website worth trusting.

GlassesUSA Return Policy

Once you select your frame the one which goes best with your face, you order. Now to reach the order to you GlassesUSA takes some processing + shipping time. Standard shipping to USA/Canada within 7-10 business days is free.

But if you can’t wait for your new specs, you can opt for expedited or express shipping which will charge you some shipping fee. Expedited Shipping in the US costs $9.95 and takes time of 5-7 business days. Also, Express Shipping is costing $12.95 and it will deliver your order the fastest in not more than 3-5 business days.

Apart from shipping time, it takes some processing time depending on the type of lens you’ve ordered. Like Single Vision- Regular Rx., the lens takes 3 processing days. Single Vision- Strong Rx* lens and prescription Sunglasses take 4 processing days. Whereas, MultiFocal (Progressive) takes the longest of 6 days to get processed. However, GlassesUSA says that frames with Transitions or tinted lenses may cause some delay in reaching your address.

On their frames, GlassesUSA gives a 365-day warranty. Expect the normal wear and tear if the specs break within the warranty period they’ll refund 50% of the amount including the shipping cost. And if you face some problem with the order is delivered, you can request a return or refund. It promises to give 100% money if the request is done within 14 days. And if you request after 14 days you’ll have to settle with 50% of the total amount.

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GlassesUSA Positive Reviews-

  • Affordable range- GlassesUSA sells its eyewear at an incredible range, pricing is straightforward and competitive. Not only it has a huge collection of brands, but it also sells some cheap unbranded frames. So, you’ll easily get nice eyewear under the buying range of yours. The pricing of the frames here starts at $43. And unless you opt for fast shipping, the shipping is free, and they deliver within 7-10 business days.
  • Variety of designer frames- In the GlassesUSA reviews we saw the customers appreciating the huge collection of designer and non-designer frames they’ve to choose from. The website allows you to buy frames in 3 different ways- First is by frame features including material, gender, color, shape, etc. Second, being measurement by which the buyer can get the frame of their perfect fit. And the last one is “Fun short quiz”. It includes- Prescription Glasses, Rx Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Multifocal Glasses, Kids Glasses, Lightweight Glasses, and Sports Glasses.
  • “Fun short quiz”- They have this feature where they ask the buyer some question, before displaying the frames. This is the personality test, after which GlassesUSA displays the frames accordingly.
  • Virtual Mirror- In GlassesUSA reviews, the customers said that buying from here gives them the feel of shopping from a solid and reliable place. This is maybe because of the smart online gadgets they use. Well! Talking about this, here you can either use the web camera or the gallery pictures. They’ll list thousands of frame pictured on your pretty face. This helps you choose the frame, as you can see which one does and doesn’t suit your face.
  • Prescription Scanner- Another device is the scanner, which is available for free in both iPhone and Android devices. This scans your old lens prescription and in not more than 10 minutes it displays the new FDA approved prescription. You just need to hold the glasses, BAM, and credit card for size comparison between your phone and computer.

GlassesUSA Negative reviews- Complaints

  • Lens option limited- According to GlassesUSA reviews, the lens and lens customization options aren’t the best here. Unlike the plenty on frame collections they have, the lens is not of much variety.
  • A problem in getting your glasses- If you order both contact lenses and glasses at the time, you’ll get them delivered them separately, in two different shipments. Among the handful of GlassesUSA Negative reviews, the customers have said that at times the prescription is incorrectly filled. This ends up having errors with the power and they’d to ship back the glasses.
  • Return Windows- The customers get 14 days from the day of delivery to return the order. As per the GlassesUSA customer reviews, they find the 14 days of return window not sufficient.
  • Delay in Order- You may face a delay in getting your item delivered, either it is lost or delayed. They’re some complaints from the buyers facing this problem. At times it may also take months.
  • Careless Customer Service- Buyers have complained in GlassesUSA reviews that the customer service is not up-to-the-mark. They don’t entertain refund requests at times. Also when you receive damaged order, face delay in shipping  or you’ve lost your glasses, the customer service doesn’t prove to be helpful enough.

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