Romwe Review 2020

Romwe Reviews 2021: Is This Fashion Store Legit or A Scam?

Romwe Reviews 2021: Here we go with another review on an online shopping platform Romwe. This review is basically for those who consider ordering from an online store wrongly. There are thousands of online stores out there and their advertisement popping up each time you browse anything online.

This makes it difficult for us to decide the online platform to shop at, to avoid getting scammed. Here you can try out a bunch of styled outfits and add those latest fashion clothing to your wardrobe.

In this world where the craze of online shopping has reached its peak, many stores are selling Chinese clothing. And its rock-bottom prices attract huge customers but is the product quality worth buying?

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Romwe Review 2020

Is Romwe a legitimate site

Well! that must give you a bit skeptical feeling. There exists some online retailing platform promising quality product at its lowest prices. But investing our hard-earnt money at any random online platform by trusting its advertisement statement is not what you’re supposed to do.

It is mandatory to have proper knowledge about that particular store. For this reason, we’ve brought for you all the good, bad, and worst about Romwe you should know. Right from the product quality and price to the customer service they provide. Romwe also unlike other stores promises quality items at an incredible price, so let us dive into the full details and Romwe reviews to see how much it is true.

What is Romwe fashion?

According to Romwe’s About Us page which says that it is a global online platform providing fast fashion from 2010. Since back the decade it has been selling quality items at an incredible through the localized mobile and web platforms. Its fashional products attract the young generation throughout every country in the world.

Romwe which started small in 2010 has now extended its business selling products right from clothing, accessories to home, and living products. Though it has 5 warehouses located in China, Dubai, Belgium, New Jersey, and California it ships globally to almost every country in the world.

Its headquarter is located in Nanjing, China, but while writing the Romwe reviews we couldn’t get any information about its owner or founder. Romwe official site is

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Is Romwe Safe?

While browsing any online stores suppose you found a piece of dress catchy enough to buy, you need to make the payment to purchase it. Now is the website you’re giving your bank details trustworthy enough or are there chances of your information being stolen by scammers and fraudsters.

This often makes us hesitate before purchasing items. So, before buying anything online, not only is the legitimacy of the website that needs to be checked but also its safety.

Well! talking about Romwe, one can rest assured that this retailing website is very much safe. Here all your information is secured within the layers of security.

It has SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer) which safeguards all the user’s bank details and private data. Hence all your sensitive information is protected and there’s no worry of it being leaked to any third party.

Romwe Fashion Reviews

Negative Romwe Reviews-

  • Many customers here have faced a problem with the size chart, one of them having ordered 2 skirts and landed up getting plus-sized. So, in Romwe you may face problems with the size, getting outfits which are not of your perfect fit. So be careful and measure yourself properly before ordering your shoes and clothes.
  • At the time of Romwe reviews, we still couldn’t find any information about the owner of this particular online retailing website all we came across is about their offices which are located in the UK, US, and China.
  • You might not receive your order at all, crap may happen some of them have reported in Romwe reviews that didn’t receive their item at all, and at times they were not even able to track it. They lost their package and hence got their money wasted.
  • Another point being, Romwe’s bad customer service, people have complained in Romwe reviews that the customer care is rude also don’t prove helpful enough in solving their problem.
  • Romwe company also pull and take images from the internet like they use images from Gucci, in this way the website advertise their products. So you’re not actually getting what it looks like, you make find a   particular picture of an outfit catchy enough but either the color is not the same or the quality makes you mad.
  • Also (BBB) Better Business Bureau has rated Romwe as bad, probably due to Negative Romwe reviews listed above.

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Positive Romwe Review-

  • In Romwe review, customers have appreciated the variety of products it sells, having items right from Tops and bottom to Shoes, bags, and Jewelry, and beauty. It also has Home and stationary.
  • It does everything themselves right from design, source, market, and selling its clothing, accessories, and home & living products. It’s About Us page says so.
  • Professionalism, organization, and fast delivery of Romwe surprised many customers. One of them said, “I have shopped from many online stores before but I swear, ROMWE has exceeded my expectations. THE BEST!!”
  • While reviewing any such online store we look for its customer reviews on popular platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. And in both of these platforms, Romwe’s rated as above average, hence it can be concluded that the company is doing quite well.
  • However, we couldn’t get any complaint regarding their refund, except one who got her amount directly to Romwe account and not her PayPal. But the issue was solved later.

Is Romwe a Good Place to Shop?

Well! Romwe is a Chinese site that sells products all over the world and they have free shipping. It sells things like clothes, accessories, shoes make up items, etc at a very very cheap rate. They’re just like Shein and Zaful online companies selling their clothes and products which come from China.

And if you’re much into buying stuff online you’ll know that Romwe is a crazy site where the deals are unbelievable. But the thing is, it kind of gives a Sketchy vibe basically because it makes “too good to be true” kind of situation for many. Because of the variety of styled outfits, it sells, at an incredible price.

But hold on it has its dark side too when you’ll look at the site you’ll find a lot of their stuff are one size fits. And this is a scary of course as some of us are tall, short, healthy of a different proposition, so the item you purchase may not come out as your perfect fit. The other thing is the slow, terrible, and pathetic customer service they have.

So, if you can face mishaps and get to deal with them you go mad at them because customer care here is nothing like it should be. Again I’ll say that’s not the end to online stores you can try out many other alternatives, there are so many other Chinese retailing websites, wholesalers that need to be tried out.

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Is Romwe Good Quality?

The clothing quality of Romwe is cheap, so you shouldn’t expect to get very luxurious clothing here. Not only the clothes but also other stuff quality disappoints us. Like in the Romwe reviews one of the customers ordered a makeup organized desk which appeared like wooden from looking at the picture but ended up getting a bundle of puzzles in bits and pieces.

She complained about the quality of the product being too cheap for the price. Hence it can be concluded that, although Romwe attracts huge customers because of its unbelievable low price products, the customers are yet unsatisfied with good quality.

Is Romwe Legit?

It’s always a wise decision to check the legitimacy of any online shop before you invest your dollars there. As Romwe sells its item at an unbelievable low rate people often land up wondering if the online store is a legit store or just a scam? Well! After we researched this particular Chinese retailing website we’ve concluded that the Romwe is very much legit. Some key points prove their legitimacy.

The first point being the test of time, Romwe has been providing quality items since 2010 and it’s been there for a decade or so. Usually fake or scam retailing website doesn’t last long and fade with time after several reports. Also, the scammers and fraudsters end up getting exposed when their activities are discovered. But you’ll find real and legit platforms like Romwe having a long term life.

Second is the worldwide recognition of the website, Romwe is a popular legit platform having quite a lot of followers in social media. About 1.6 on Instagram and Facebook has 4 million followers, so of course, any such scam site won’t be followed by this huge number of people.

And the final and most important key point I’ll use to prove it’s real is, Romwe is being run by a company which also operates other famous platforms like Shein. And this vigorous parent company is duly registered in China. Hence the above points and especially the last one prove that Romwe is a legit retailing platform and you can safely shop here.

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