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Rotita Reviews 2021: Scam or a Legit Online Store?

Rotita Reviews 2021: Wait! are you one of those girls who love to flaunt themselves no matter what outfit they wear or, where they go? If you’re one of those pretty girls looking for a new dress but have already confused yourself with lots of clothing providers out there, then examine out the Rotita reviews.

Here we will see about Rotita Reviews and analyse if the online store is Scam or a Legit. As you people know nowadays, we have put in quarantine and craving to go out and shop our hearts out. If you’re also bored this lockdown, then why not add some new-fashioned outfits to your wardrobe.

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Well! I was bored too until I’ve come across this site named ‘Rotita’. Now you may be thinking there are so many online stores out there, and you get irritated each time by their popping advertisement. But are these sites actually what they claim to be? Since back the decade there are so many online stores which have developed but do all of them give you a live shopping experience? Sadly, the answer is No!

You need to do a hell lot of research and can’t just trust any such online store. It is psychological, too; we believe what we see! But there is some online retailing platform serving excellent kinds of stuff at a reasonable rate. Here you get the privilege to browse as much as you want and choose the best items available. And if you don’t want them bought at the very moment, you can also save them for future purchases.

Rotita Reviews

Now, you must be thinking that we’re living in a time where there are plenty of online stores to shop. So why choose Rotita? They answer the question themselves. The trendy fashion outfits and stylish accessories along with free shipping on every item they provide make the store worth shopping. Before jumping into Rotita reviews let’s check if,

Is Rotita a legitimate company

Is Rotita legit?

It’s always the right decision to check the legitimacy of the site before you take a step forward and invest. In the world full of discounted fashion sites, it is hard to decide which one is to be trusted? And hence, before investing in Rotita to buy items, you must be wondering if the clothes would be of your perfect fit, will the material be the same as it looks in the picture? And how does the return and refund processes look like, there? For this reason, we are here with Rotita reviews to help you know if this site is worth shopping or just one of those you might avoid investing.

The scammers sitting on the other side to rip off people make us hesitate each time before shopping. And that’s the reason people question about Rotita’s legitimacy, well the answer being, Rotita is a legit fashion store. At the time of writing the Rotita reviews, we had come across the information that the store is 100% legal.

Hence, the platforms which are authorized are less likely of being a scam. It has a strong backbone too, as the platform is under a robust company Hongkong Yuzhen E-Commerce Co., Limited, located in Hongkong. And of course scamming sites would not be connected with such private legal corporations. 

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Is Rotita safe?

Okay! But is the site safe, this is the other question which may trigger chaos in your minds? So, while we’re browsing online and choose a particular item for purchase, what we need to do is to pay the amount. Now for that payment, of course, you need to provide them with your bank details and also your private information is to be given.

Hence we are often curious if the site we’re using is safe or not. Talking about Rotita, well, the website is very much secure to use. It ensures the safety of its buyer’s private data, to protect those from the scammers and fraudsters.

In the Rotita reviews also, while going through a handful of Rotita reviews, we couldn’t find any such complaints. None of the claims was there from the shoppers regarding the misplacement of their bank-details. Rotita has less complains regarding this as it took a view about the online safety of its customers and used some “reasonable security methods”.

The list includes some technologies ensuring safety; among them, there is SSL or Secure Socket Layers. This layers of security help to encrypt the bank details and personal information of its customers. Hence the data transmitted from the server to user is encrypted with layers of security. And cannot be read by any hacker. 

What is Rotita?

As per the About Us page of Rotita which says that it is none other than an online retailing platform that promises to sell high-quality items at low factory prices, they work with wholesale business all over the world. And say, they’re confident enough that the customers will enjoy all its excellent products, which are available at a low, i.e. wholesale rate.

They also listed some key reasons which would answer, why people should opt for Rotita? Among those reasons, what I founded most interesting was professional packing. Which it does to ensure the order of its customers is safe and intact. Many a time despite the items being in good condition, the binding dishearten us.

It is a Chinese based online retailing site selling products from China all across the world. It doesn’t have any real stores, which means it is an online store selling its items online. And it makes it clear that although it does not have any physical stores, it has professional warehouses all around the world.

They also have long term partnership with major carriers like U.P.S., FedEx, DHL and many more. Started on 1st November 2014, it has been up for years. But at the time of writing Rotita reviews, we couldn’t find any such information about the site’s operator or the founder. But we got to know that a robust company powered by Hongkong Yuzhen E-commerce Co. Limited owns it. 

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Where is Rotita located?

As mentioned earlier, the site does not have any real store, and hence it is an online-based retailing platform. But the question remains that where is Rotita located? As it has to be somewhere. They have given the address as Shanghai, China on their contact page.

And if you look at their contact page, you’ll probably find the specified address which says- Hongkong Yuzhen E-Commerce Co., Limited, RM01, 21F, PROSPER COMMERCIAL BUILDING, 9 YIN CHONG STREET, KOWLOON, HONGKONG.

It would be best if you make sure that this is not the address to return your items, as after your request for return have been approved they eventually mail you the returning address. Also, one of the trusted reviewing platform B.B.B. ( Better Business Bureau) says that the location of this business site is in Washington, DC 20005.

Another address which the website has listed along is in 8555 Tonnelle Ave Ste 301 North Bergen, NJ 07047-4732. As the Rotita reviews, which say that the registrar of the domain listed as Hichina Zhicheng Technology LTD. on the year 2014.

Is Rotita from china?

Rotita is an online fashion store; it is a Chinese company selling its items at a much cheaper rate. Although the items it sells come from China, still it attracts huge customers due to variety o styled outfits it sells. The products from China are sold overseas all over the world except the Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Jersey.

Product shipped through its warehouses which are at a particular location. They mention it clearly saying that their items shipped from China, also on their website they’ve given the address of Shanghai, located in China.

For the flat-rate method of shipping, they won’t charge a penny, but if you go for expedited or standard shipping, they will charge some shipping fee from you.

Rotita Phone Number

Let say you face a problem with the package, or you have some queries regarding the order you want to make. In either of the case, you would wish to reach out to them. A handful of customers in Rotita reviews have described their problem faced with the package.

Now Rotita makes it clear by giving a safety notice in their contact page that they do not support any contact system through phone number. Also, it warns its customers not to leave their contact details at any third party website as it may be a trap set by the scammers and fraudsters.

If you want to contact them safely, they ask to contact either through a live chat, ticket or email them to id [email protected]

Perhaps, I would recommend you to go for a live chat with them if in future you face any problem. They say that their live chat service is available to answer all your questions 24*7. But if you feel this option, a bit clumsy submit a ticket instead and reach out to them.

Rotita Returns Policy

This site has the return window open for 30 days from the day they delivered the item to you. But it would be best if you made sure that product is unwashed, unused, unworn and in a new condition as was provided. All the tags should be kept intact.

The site says, and also in the Rotita reviews, we’ve seen that the retailing platform does not entertain any requests for return or refund after these 30 days. So, it gives one month to decide whether or not you’re 100% satisfied with your package. It accepts all items within this period except the ones not covered under warranty. These non-returnable items include -Flash sale, Babydolls & Chemises, Bustiers & Corsets, Teddies, Shapewear, Stockings, Jewelry.

Bras & Bra Sets, Panties, Nude Bra, which are also not accepted by them and eww you know the reason why! And if you’ve purchased an item which was under Special offer, you won’t be able to return it. If the item you return is damaged or stained, you will be refunded partially with only 50% of the total price.

The buyers, i.e. you handle the shipping cost, so it would be helpful if you return through the local post office to avoid tax. Rotita also makes it clear that if you return the package through C.O.D. service, they won’t receive it. And lastly, it would be helpful if you do not add your signature. It clearly states, saying, “No signature required!”, adding which could delay your refund process.

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How to return an order from Rotita?

So after the most awaited week you finally got the item delivered, but let’s admit it, we face crap at times. It is imperative to check the return and policies before investing at a concealed platform, or you can say, setting a backup against any mishaps you might face in future.

So, if you meet the same and get a damaged package, you would probably want to give them back. Now, here you can either demand for another item from them or ask them to refund the amount. Make sure you make the decision fast if you’re opting for refund as there’s a time of only 30 days.

Also, in Rotita reviews buyers have complained about getting stuck with the refund process, it tough to take your own damn money from them. So, select the size and quality of the item wisely to avoid such things in future. Despite doing your side if you still face problems with the package you need to do the following:

  • They give a ticket along with the box; you’ll get it along the order delivered. You have to use the card to apply for return or refund. First go to “My Orders”, login and submit the ticket to proceed.
  • Now sit back and wait for the customer service of Rotita to communicate with you, they’ll ask some questions regarding the item after which they can approve your application.
  • After the approval of your request, they send the returning address along with R.M.A. number in the ticket. All you need to do now is pack the order and ship it back via FedEx, T.N.T., DHL, U.P.S. or any other shipping company with which you’re convenient. Using the Post office to send it back will avoid shipping tax.
  • The most important thing which they ask from the buyers returning stuff is, to address the tracking number and shipping company by ticket. They have mentioned it too, that without this information they won’t give any refund for the returned item. 
  • After receiving your item, they try to send the refund within a week. It usually takes 48 hours if you use PayPal. But some buyers said in Rotita reviews, that they had faced issues in getting back the dollars.

What does Rotita mean?

The meaning of Rotita is Thanks! International Interest. It was earlier known by the name “WholesaleItOnline”. The name changed to Rotita on the 1st November 2014, and since then it is specializing stylish clothes at lower prices.

Rotita Dresses

Rotita is a company selling its products overseas. So sometimes their practices may be a bit different. It is unfortunate, but you never know what you’re dealing with when its just a computer. Here you’re only placing the order, sending the money, and you never see the people.

It sells a wide variety dresses including- Maxi dress, Sheath dress, casual dress, Chiffon dress, long sleeve dress, print dress, two-piece dress, lace dress, sweater dress, mini dress, floral dress, plaid dress, wedding dress and office dress.

As we’ve have seen in Rotita dresses reviews too, that though the transportation of products is from China, people still take chance ordering from here. Maybe because the best-styled outfit collection they have been selling. These beautiful dresses price starts from around $20 and goes up to $50.

While browsing, there are options provided by the site where you can sort the dresses accordingly- you can either shop by style or by trend. You can sort hot dresses, new arrivals and set the cost from high to low or vice-versa.

They are thus helping you to make the best choice of yours. Now no matter what occasion it is, you’re best dressed for all of them.

Rotita Tops

Not a great fan of dresses? Well! Rotita also has a massive collection of uppers which you need to try out. The tops here are likewise of various styles, and each one is of the latest fashion. You will get them here at a price commencing from $14 and the costly ones advancing up to $35.

Tops section include- Blouses & Shirts, Tee & T-shirts, Sweaters & Cardigans, Tank Tops & Camis, Coats also, Sweatshirts & Hoodies. Now the pictures of the tops and dresses here are shown in clear Hd pictures, in different angles but will the item delivered to your doors similar to what you see in the image? Read the Rotita reviews further to know what the buyers have to say about this!

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Rotita Clothing Reviews

As we’ve seen earlier that the dresses and tops sold here go between $10 to $50. Hence, the price of the clothes is neither “too costly” nor “too low to be true”, the items sold are of mediocre range. As you people know it well that the platform sells a variety of stuff in the clothing section, so let’s take an overview into types of the item sold here and the price that each of them charge.

The clothing section of the site includes- Rotita dresses ranging from $20 to $50, Rotita tops from $14 to $35. Swimwear will cost you anywhere between $15 to $35 and the Rotita Jumpsuit and Rompers is of $32 to $40.

That’s not the end; there are many such items that this retailing website sells, namely- Outwear, Plus size, Jewelry and accessories to add some touch-ups to your outfit etc. Now you would also want to hear some words from people who’ve shopped from there.

Else you won’t be sure enough if the clothes delivered to you resemble what they show in the site. Or will their dresses, tops, pants, swimwear, sweats, coats, bottoms, shirts, and more will be of your fitting? For this reason, we will check out some Rotita reviews below.

Rotita Swimwear Reviews

Do you want some new chic hot summer swimwear this march? Well! I suppose you’ll get them here. A cute swimsuit is a must, especially when there’s summer around the corner, and you’re craving for a sunbath under the sun. There is always something that sets a particular retailing website apart from the others, for some sites this may be low pricing.

Here, it is the beautiful and colourful bathing suits it sells which the customers find catchy. The website says that it sells vintage swimsuits so that you enjoy your beach holidays having a sexy look on to it. Here the swimwear is for women of all age and all body types.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are too thin or too healthy. You can still flaunt your body as the bathing suits here are available for multiple body types and covers you well also. Now let us look at some Rotita swimwear reviews and see what people have to say regarding this.

Rotita Reviews

  • The dresses ordered from here looked beautiful, and in case of maximum buyers, the dress had come a perfect fit. The quality was though not precise as it looked in the website but was acceptable.

Rotita Positive reviews-

  • As we’ve seen that the swimwear collection of this site is beautiful, and the customers in Rotita reviews found them attractive and not too skimpy. They say that the designs of those are good; also the quality impressed them.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have taken a step forward to ensure the health safety of its customers. They’re sterilizing every product and the package before delivery. So now you can rest assured before ordering from Rotita online.
  • Here you get clothes of all range, from low to medium to high. Though the color and material are not the same as the picture, it is not bad too.
  • They sell a variety of things right from clothing to accessories. There plus sizes are also suitable, so you can flaunt any body type you have.

Rotita Negative reviews (Rotita Scam)

  • The size never goes right. Especially in the case of swimwear, maximum complain about sizing was from the ones buying a swimsuit. And the stitching of the clothes is done in the right way. Return those were hectic task, at times they just hand you with some 10 to 20% discount instead of a refund.
  •  The dresses from Rotita arrive fast, but in Roita reviews some customers have complained that maximum-sized dresses also seems like zero sizes here. The Zipper of the suit does not work, and the stitching is also weak. Worst which happened was with a buyer who got the dress of wrong size and color. But this is not too often; you’ll face this if you’ve doesn’t favor much.
  • Shipping will take much of your time; usually, it takes not less than a month to ship. Even you go for Express Shipping and pay additional charges so that they deliver fast, but they’ll not do that.
  • According to the Rotita reviews, the customer service here is pathetic! As we’ve seen that they don’t have a phone line and the only way to contact them is through a live chat or by emailing them. Now people say that most of these are not active on live chat. Hence it becomes tough if one need a refund or wish to return some stuff.
  • The worst that can happen with you here is the order getting cancelled. Yes! A handful of people have mentioned that at times they got their orders cancelled and the customer service does not even bother to inform you. So, you wait and wait for your package, and you never get them.

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