Flex Seal Tape Reviews 2020: Adhesive Sealant Really Work?

Flex Seal Tape Reviews

Today I’ve brought for you Flex seal Tape reviews, a super strong waterproof sealant which helps you fix problems by its excellent adhesive property. As we all can agree with the fact, that often crap happens and we land up accidentally breaking some stuffs at home which put us in to great trouble.

There are bunch and bunch of such online items which prove to be helpful in sealing some simple problems. You must have already heard about Flex seal Tape and you’re probably here to fetch some reviews about it.

Now you don’t have spend dollar from your pocket or waste your hard earn money in fixing stuffs, this will get all your things done in no time and  help you save money.

If you also have some simple problem which you want to fix, then this seal is highly recommended for you, just buy this and instantly patch, and this bond seals and repair all the leaking points.

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Flex Seal Tape Reviews

What is Flex Seal Tape?

Flex seal Tape which was released as a waterproof tape is a product of Swift Response, LLC which is an American company making many such adhesive binding products.

Its company’s headquarter being located in Weston, Florida and it is led by its chief executive officer, Phil Swift. It is specially made thick, flexible and rubberized so that it conforms to any shape or object.

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Does Flex Seal Tape Really Work?

Flex seal Tape is not an ordinary tape, its triple thick adhesive quality help in virtually welding itself to the surface we’re using it at instantly. It proves to be helpful in closing the toughest leaks, as we know it very well that leaky pipes can lead to great mishaps causing major damage, but did you know that these damages are not irreparable?

Yes! you’ve guessed it right, Flex seal Tape grips on tight bounding itself fixing all the simple problems at that very instant. It can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry, even underwater to stop all the water leakage, thus healing all cracks and breaks.

Flex seal Tape gives a super strong and flexible barrier by sealing air, moisture and water. Also it’s extra wide and sticky surface helps to cover large cracks, gaps and holes.

Flex tape vs Gorilla Tape

Well! this question is a bit difficult to tackle as both the products have head to head competition in the market. On hand we have flex seal tape and on the other hand Gorilla waterproof patch and seal tape.

Both of them make the same claim stating that they are waterproof, can perfectly work underwater to seal some break and cracks stopping water leakage and both of them say they’re made in America. But know in order to judge which one is best product, we’ll take a detailed view of both.

First lets speak about Flex seal tape as we have it’s content right here! As you must have seen this on TV advertisements, this can be purchased from variety of retailers. But I would personally suggest you to pick up one from amazon where it is available at a lower range of $12 and 99 cents.It is 4 inches wide having 5 foot roll.

Talking about the gorilla tape which you can also purchase from amazon at $12 and 97 cents. Now this is also 4 inches wide but having 10 foot roll, so you can make it out that this has twice the length but available at the same range.

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How to Use Flex tape?

This product can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything!

As described earlier this is available in a roll form of 5-10 foot length. It is available in both black and white color and of 3 different sizes- 4″ x 5′, 8″ x 5′ and 12″ x 10′ respectively, so you can buy accordingly.

When you see the product you’ll observe that it’s just the same as roll of any other tape you use, but process of applying it is a bit different. Now, when you peel this apart you will notice a thin film layer on one of its sides.

According to the directions stated of the product, it is advised to cut it to a length you want to use. And when you’re about to apply it just peel off the thin film and stick it to the damaged parts.

To make sure you’ve applied it perfectly, just use your hands to squeeze in order to smooth it out throughout as best as you can, to get the best results. Also you need to takes precautions so that the tape doesn’t get in contact with your skin as it is very much sticky.

Well! Now you know it very well what to use if you face any simple problem of cracks, leakage etc. Like if your bucket has a hole and water flows out each time you fill, now this can be healed by sealing it over using this Flex seal Tape, just:

  • Peal off the thin plastic layer of film which is on one side.
  • Slap this in the place where it’s leaking or cracked.
  • Then squeeze it well enough so as to make sure that the tape gets maximum hold.

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Flex tape where to buy?

Now if you want Flex seal Tape at the best price you can get one from Amazon which gives 5% cash back along with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card to the ones having prime membership and the ones who don’t have prime membership also gets 3% cash back on the product purchased. You can also pick this seal tape from any random online stores like Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot but if you wish to get cash back then go for ebates.

Buy Flex tape from Amazon.com

Flex Tape Customer reviews

  • The customers said that the Flex seal tape is a product of China, whereas the advertisement shows that it is manufactured in US.
  • Some of the them have reported the product of being duplicate hence not fulfilling it’s basic objective causing total wastage of money.
  • Does not prove to be helpful enough in repairing part of a pool liner as it doesn’t last much and come unstuck after a few days.
  • Lacks quality and quantity! The quality of the tape unsatisfied many customers also at the same time its quantity made up some bad reviews.
  • Flex seal Tape lacks its quantity having a roll 5 foot long, whereas Gorilla tape has 10 foot long tape which twice but at the same rate.

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