Is Asos Legit, Asos Reviews

Is Asos Legit, Safe, Fake or Scam? Asos Reviews 2020

Is Asos Legit, Asos Reviews: The outfit you wear not only improves your look but also enhances your performance by increasing confidence towards any task you perform. So it is very important to get the best of them.

Nowadays, sitting at any corner of the world you can buy products internationally from every possible place, thanks to the online shopping platforms which have made things so easy.

Now buying your best brands from your favorite places anytime is on your fingertips. Here you get to spend a lot of spare time fetching around  for your favorite clothes you wish to buy, you can order one two or bunch as many you wish and get them delivered at your doors.

Hold on! still it makes us skeptical, as in- who owns it actually? where is it located? how’s the customer service? the product quality? and few more. But don’t worry we’re here to provide you will all that you need to know before investing on any unknown online shopping platform.

Is Asos Legit, Asos Reviews
Is Asos Legit

There are many online stores, and as we don’t know their background, many things starts bothering us like- Is it legit? scam? worth investing? or safe? You must have heard about Asos online stores and probably you’ve planned to buy some off their good products.

But some of the people out there like myself have trust issues with these online store, don’t know about others but I really don’t get satisfied enough without feeling the quality of the product and visualizing it’s real color. There are a lot of people who get a little nervous while they’re about to order clothes online or shoes online as they don’t know how it’s going to fit.

But yes! some online stores do exist providing you exceptional quality product, with do not attract you by catchy images rather show their products real color, so that you can have a live shopping experience.  Asos, sells both branded and normal range fashion products which is available for both men and women.

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Now if you’re a regular online shopper shopping on Asos won’t be that difficult but if ain’t that good at online shopping and now you’re kind of opening up to the idea it maybe a hectic.

But that should not worry you, here we’ll discuss about one of the best Clothing Websites company reviews for you namely Asos to help you tackle all those problem. Let’s get started….

What is Asos?

Asos is an online fashion and cosmetic British retailer website which was initially named as As Seen On Screen”  Providing its customers with exact imitation of cloths worn by anyone you see on TV magazines etc. So if you wish to, you can buy clothes worn by any actor from your favorite movies.

Asos products is divided in to two main parts- it sells both branded cloths including about 850 brands and also Asos own range of clothing and accessories.

ASOS which was founded on by Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan and Quentin Griffiths on 3 June 2000 in London, have been offering quality products for a period of 2 decades and more.

It’s headquarter is located in Camden Town, at Great London House. Also it has offices located in Paris, New York, Berlin, and Birmingham. The prime aim was to sell products for young adults or then ones who’re  in their teens or early twenties.

Asos being a British website their main currency is in pounds which is GBP. You also have the option here to change the currency if you’re not comfortable with it.

It has beautiful interface and if you have a smartphone which most of us do I assume, then you can easily shop on Asos as you won’t really need a desktop. Now coming to the products they sell- they have everything right from clothing, accessories, home decor, bunch of stationary, shoes, makeup products and many more.

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Is Asos Legit or a Scam?

Well! the answer being Asos is legit and not a scam. People often get worried about the legitimacy of online shores as there are many scam artist sitting who’s main goal is to scam people wherever they go, to deprive them of their hard earn money.

There are many ways by which they do their task one of such methods of scamming people is through these online deal platforms. This has been following for years by these cyber fraudsters and the consequences are faced by the innocent customers.

The customers buy products by investing for product and never ever get them delivered in future. Hence it’s important to make sure that the online store from where you’re buying is legit before ordering any product online.

So to find out this you need to know where the store is actually located and who owns it. The scam stores do not have any physical appearance rather have an virtual appearance and when these stores are discovered  their existence fade away in no time.

Thus another way to find out whether the store is legit or scam is to check it’s durability. In case of Asos it has been offering superior quality products since 2000 and more, having existence of more than 2 decades.

Talking about it’s legacy, by a company registration number of 03584121 it is registered to companies House in England. Thus keeping these few points in mind like there location, registration, work since 2 decade etc, one can be rest assured that they’re going to get good and quality product out there.

Is Asos Safe?

The most important thing you need to make sure before using any online deal platform is whether that website is protected and has proper security. When you buy some product online you need to give some of your private and sensitive information- like your credit card details, email id, phone number, name, bank details etc.

So the website you’re shopping at should have proper security protocol so that your information does not go in to wrong hands.

Credit card and bank details in wrong hand can cause great mishaps causing complete wipening of your bank account. And your name etc can also be used to steal your identity itself. So, to avoid this Asos protects all its shoppers information within Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is basically a standard security technology establishing an encrypted link between the web server and a client, transferring all their private information from user to web server through secure link.

So the transfer of data from device to web server is totally protected and cannot be interrupted by any hacker. Asos also states that it’s one of the most secured online ordering platform, not only this they’re constantly researching to improve there software making the best possible security of all times.

Now, Asos safety should not bother you anymore as it takes full measures so that your information is protected within layers of security enabling their shoppers to make all their payments freely. Hence we can conclude that Asos online deal platform is very much safe to shop at.

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Asos Prices

Women Clothing which include -Activewear, Coats & Jackets, Dresses, Hoodie & Sweatshirts, Jeans, Jumpers & Cardigans, Jumpsuits & Playsuits, Lingerie &Nightwear, Loungewear, Multipacks, Shorts, Skirts, Tops, Tracksuits  etc are available of more 5000 styles and price goes up to $210, the cheaper ones are available at a price of $5 and more.

While the expensive dresses have upper limit price range of $ 425 and other casuals dresses are available at $190. Although Asos has its own brand, they are divided among different categories – Asos petite for girls who’re tiny and short, they have Asos tall for taller girls and the Curve & plus size.

They sell a number of brands like New Look, River Island, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius and more including a lot more brands which you probably never heard of but have some really good stuffs to try on.

Men clothing including-  Dungarees & Boiler Suits, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jackets & Coats, Joggers, shirts, Trousers & Chinos, jeans, jackets, Underwear, shorts, socks etc ranges from $5 to $190. As you know it better that an outfit without any accessories does not go well enough, adding one gives you a look to the next level.

So Asos also has a bunch collection of 2,800 styles accessories giving you a killer look.These mainly include Bag, Socks & Tights, sunglasses, Kimonos, Hats, Watches, purse etc. There are also Jewelry available both for men and women.

Size Chart

Coming to the sizing of the product, they have very good size chart near the product. So if you look at the product on the right side of each item you will get the size chart. Now the chart here is a British size chart but they have conversions and measurements.

You need to be careful enough with the size chart as if the size goes wrong apparently all your money gets wasted. Go through the entire size chart , measured yourself and then order the right size then you’ll not face any trouble.

Asos Shipping

Well another important aspect about online shopping is to know whether that platform ships on time. From the very time we order an item we eagerly wait for it to arrive.

Some of the online stores takes months for the products to get delivered and the delay in shipping leaves us devastated. Asos ships 200 countries worldwide offering standard shipping to all places and express to possible places.

Standard shipping takes $10.26 and Asos offers free shipping if you spend over $71.06 and more. For US customers there are mainly three types of shipping- Standard, Express and Next-day shipping. But for the Next-day ship you need to check if its available for you.

ASOS Return Policy & Refund

So lets accept the fact that crap happens, the product we get delivered often turns out to be damaged, defective or missing but Asos takes cares of all these by its Refund and Return policy.

You can make a request within 28 days of the product being delivered to your place, if you’re not satisfied with it. Make sure the product you’re planning to return is unworn, unwashed, and all the packing and labels are intact.

To return your parcel to Asos, you need to first look for a form inside, which you get along your item. Here you need to give a bit of description like why you need to return the item, if it is of a wrong size or the wrong color. And this form needs to go back with the product when you return it, simply stick it on the back of the parcel.

What we like about Asos?

1. Product Details

Here’s the thing I love most about Asos, it’s detailed product description. For a person like me and also my mom, she’ s always skeptical about online shopping and I assume most of the mothers are too.

That’s basically because they don’t trust much the color of the clothes and of course their quality shown on their smartphones and desktop screens making it difficult for them to invest on any unknown online store. But there are some online stores like Asos itself who’s detailed description of each of its products attracts huge customers.

Of course it’s very important to see whether the product you’re about to buy is of your taste or not. To feel, visualize, assume and examine the quality, size, type, color etc of the item bought. Well! Asos satisfies its customers with all of its products details to help them take a wise decision and not one making them regret in future.

Each product available here has its own size chart, colors, qualities and range, to make its customers visualize the products properly, there are high quality pictures of the products which are taken from different angles also some of the items are shown in 360 degrees. Thus, these detailed information about each product make the shoppers familiar to it and enjoy having a live shopping experience.

2. Style Match

As mentioned above Asos which was named earlier as “As Seen On Screen”  sells clothes and products which are exact copy of one worn by any actor, actress or models you see on Magazines etc. Now lets accept the fact, at times we get our eyes on to someones outfit and just can’t wait to get one like them.

So, if you’re actually stuck with an outfit you saw, maybe of your mates or worn by someone in movies you can get the exact copy of dress available here. Yes! all you need to do is upload a picture of that particular styled outfit on style match and Asos will do the work for you.

It will search through all its styles showing the closest match of the picture uploaded by you. So now do know even need to spend hours searching the outfit of your taste.

3. Special Discount for Students

Well if you’re a student studying at any college or university congratulations! Asos offers a discount of 10% on all its products for you. The unique student discount code can be applied for via a form which is available to students currently enrolled on a college or university course in the UK, US, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Austria, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland.

But this discount is only valid for the duration of that particular college or university the student has registered for after which the validation ends.

How to get this discount:

  1. First of all register on Asos and complete the validation process.
  2. After you’ve completed your validation process, they’ll send you the discount via email.
  3. You will get a code which gives you 10% discount on every product you buy.
  4. Enter this in the promo code box during checkout to get the discount.

Discount can be used on orders up to a maximum total spend limit of £500 (or the equivalent in your local currency), after discount, per calendar month. Asos also states that it will come up with more such discounts valid for students from time to time.

4. Wishlist

Asos has so much product available on their website that it’s one of the biggest challenges to navigate the products and choose what suits you the best and save the product for future purchase. Well! to solve this product Asos has a wishlist feature.

When you like something on Asos and you don’t know whether you want to buy it or not, you can obviously add it to your wishlist. Now when you’re logged in and join an item to your wishlist it stays there for 60 days. Your wishlist can contain any number of items there’s no limit to it.

So before you place an order you don’t need to browse again for hours to find that item you saw once, you just need to go through the wishlist, see what you want, add it to your cart, and finally just proceed with the order.

When you add a product to the cart they keep that one piece aside for you and it goes away from their stock for 1 hour. Now if you don’t make the payment for the product within an hour, the product will go back to your wishlist.


  • They’ve great products with latest styles.
  • they gave me really affordable products, if you shop their in-house brands.
  • There’s a lot of product available here, so you get huge variety to choose from.

What We don’t Like About Asos?

  1. As the website sells exclusively clothing and products for young adults there are no such items available for kids.
  2. They offers a limited payment method which include PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.
  3. They have a negative BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating.
  4. Asos has British size chart which makes it difficult for some shoppers to follow, resulting in buying product which is not of their perfect fit.
  5. Customer service is not satisfactory as it has no telephone service available.
  6. As they don’t have good customer service it’s tough to get refund from Asos and customers get frustrated not getting reply to live chats and emails for months.

Conclusion on Is Asos Legit?

Here’s all the possible information about Is Asos legit, its review we got from the shoppers, Return & Refund policy, Shipping, Location, features etc.

So you can easily browse through the Asos app on your spare time and they have some really good item that you can get inspired by.

Even if its not just shopping from there you can get a lot of styles and designs because some of those pieces are really adorable.

If you have any problem regarding Is Asos legit then comment below we will surely help you out.

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