Is Goodrx Legit Goodrx Reviews

Is Goodrx Legit: Goodrx Reviews 2020, Real Drug Discount

Is Goodrx Legit, Goodrx Reviews 2020: Paying too much for your medication? Goodrx have coupon and discounts that can save you money on prescriptions even if you have insurance! When we have any problem or heath issues, we visit our doctors who prescribes medicines for us to buy.

Likewise, we people have lots and lots of prescribed medicines to buy each year but the skyrocketing prices make us brother each time making us try to look for the pharmacy giving those products at the lowest possible price. In this situation we look up to medication platforms like Goodrx to get some release in the drug prices.

When our doctors prescribes medicine for us to buy, we probably visit one of our preferred pharmacy hoping to get them at best price. But there are some of the fraudster pharmacists who are sitting to scam people of there hard earn money, and each of them may charge different amount for the same prescribed medicines we  go to buy.

As the drug prescribed by our doctors is not regulate and the cost of prescribed medicines may differ by $100 or more among various pharmacies. Making it difficult for us to choose the pharmacy where they’re available at lower cost, nearest to our location.

Is Goodrx Legit Goodrx Reviews

Today I’m here to tell about the website that is taking the prescription drug industry by storm it’s called Goodrx, is Goodrx Legit? reviews, how does Goodrx work? so on.

We all wish to Shop at one of the lowest cost pharmacies, firstly this information might help you choose your pharmacy better by finding the lowest local prices for your prescriptions. Secondly, anybody that doesn’t have an insurance coverage Goodrx might be a life saver for you.

It gathers price information from the pharmacies and they show you which pharmacies in your area have the best price. It also helps you see the range of prices for medication in your area.

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Goodrx Gold

As we all know Goodrx help us save money on our medications up to 80%. But did you know it also comes up with another program  Goodrx Gold, having the membership of which you can make more saving on each of the prescribed drugs.

Unlike Goodrx, Goodrx Gold also gives discount on the prescribed drug at your nearest pharmacy stores, but Goodrx Gold offers more convenience with a better experience altogether. The free Goodrx platform save its patients by giving a discount of 80% on their medications whereas Goodrx Gold gives a more of 40% discount on the already discounted drug prices.

If you have the Goodrx Gold card you can buy up to 1000 popular prescribed medicines at a lowest price of not more than $10. The best thing about Goodrx Gold being, it is now offering a free membership of 30 days, After this you’ll be charged $5.99 monthly for individuals and $9.99 for families. For families it allows you to add 5 family members, including pets.

As compared to Goodrx, Goodrx Gold gives an average of 40% more discount than you get in Goodrx and you can also save up to 90% here, using this on your prescriptions. It is accepted by pharmacies nationwide including Albertsons, CVS, kroger, Safeway, and Vons.

Now, you may have a question whether Goodrx Gold works with people having insurance? Well! No. It does not go with any kind of insurance, medicare or medicaid. But if you still wish to take advantage of Goodrx Gold even if you have an insurance then- pay your pharmacist in cash along with your Goodrx Gold card and get the prescribed drugs at a lower discounted price.

Sign up for Goodrx Gold:

  • To sign up on Goodrx Gold visit the website gold, and click on “Start Your Free Trial Now” and start with creating your account.
  • Pick a plan according to your choice- be it individual plan of %5.99 per month or family plan of $9.99 monthly.
  • Follow up the instructions given and enjoy saving by taking card to pharmacy.
  • You get a 30 days free trial, so can buy drugs for free within this period after which you’ll charged according to your plan.
  • You can also can your subscription at any time you want to.

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How does GoodRx make money?

Now a question may popup on your minds that how does this Goodrx make money as it is absolutely free for its customers and people don’t even need to download the app or sign up creating an account to receive discounts or search for prices. Then how do these app run? Well the being they earn from advertisements on its site and referral fees.

You can make Goodrx coupon and print it out without even paying a penny or creating an account. So, without even giving any information like your name, email id, address or phone number you can enjoy up to 80% discount on the prescribed drugs or medicines.

Goodrx App free download

Why wait? Put Goodrx in your pockets by downloading its application which is available for both Android and iPhone and get exciting discounts on you prescribed medicines by visiting your nearest pharmacies. The GoodRx mobile app has an average rating of 4.8 star on both the iTunes and Google Play stores having about half a million reviews from both of them by its customers. GoodRx is also declared as the number one medical app on iTunes.

But the advantage of having an app along with you is, you can directly show the discounts to the pharmacists instead of printing a coupon and taking it along. Also it makes redeeming your discount much easier if you have the application downloaded in your smartphones The advantages of using Goodrx in both ways either online through website or app, allows its users to avail the same offers.

How to Download GoodRx App?

  1. First of all visit Goodrx website
  2. After visiting there you will see a page where you have to enter your mobile number
  3. Just enter your mobile number and click on ” Text me the app “
  4. Finally you will get direct download link of GoodRx app.
  5. Click on the link and download it.

What is Goodrx?

What is goodrx

Goodrx helps you get prescribed medicines online without even a traditional doctor’s visit. It is basically a discount card website which checks about more than 75,000 pharmacies in the United States giving us the total information about each of the prescribed drug along with its price.

Its visitors increasing to about fourteen million every month, it can kind of aggregate prices from different pharmacies and find out whats the cheapest price would be with their discount cards. GoodRx was founded in 2011 and its headquarter being located in Santa Monica, California.

It help its customers to stop paying too much for their prescriptions. Rather acts as a platform helping its visitors to consult online a particular doctor at a cost of $20. Hence we can  obtain a prescription for certain types of medications as prescribed by them regardless of insurance status.

One nice thing about Goodrx is you don’t need to have an account, without sighing up you can use it to get 80% discounts on the cost of  prescription drugs. It works on both Android and Apple.

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Is Goodrx legit? and safe?

Yes! Goodrx is safe for its customers, we often get worry worried about our personal information getting in to wrong hands. But the best part about this medication platform is, it does not ask for any personal details from its customers like their phone number, name, address or health insurance details if insurance done beforehand, reducing the risk of their identity being hacked. So, no personal information is needed here and it is made 100% free for its customers.

Goodrx is very much legit way to save your money on your prescribed medicines, helping you get those at most accurate current price as some of the new medicine brands available in market don’t give discounts.

You get the coupon at soon as you fill up the prescription form which does not contain any of your personal details, so even if you by mistakenly loose your coupon you can be rest assured that  your identity won’t be stolen.

How does Goodrx work?

Goodrx team takes the initiative to provide its customers with quality savings on its  prescription medications and you must be curious as how this whole process works? This free service comparison shops to show you the lowest prices in your area.

It aggregates prices from different pharmacies and finds out what the cheapest would be with their discount cards. Although Goodrx doesn’t have all the discount cards it has some discount card and they can kind of find out what will be the cheapest price among the ones they contract with.

This is a good thing helping the patients who have to pay out of their get some discount. It is way for pharmacy benefit mangers which are companies that work, it split the money earned with the pharmacy benefit manager, Goodrx has to pay a lot of smart people to work for them. The Goodrx discount prescription app even covers pet prescription and pet drugs.

Goodrx startup was founded in September 2011 by Trevor Bezdek along with Doug Hirsch and Scott Marlette which help in negotiating lower prescription drug costs. It does its gain access to the rates negotiated by insurance companies with pharmacies through middlemen known as “Pharmacy Benefit Managers”.

They make partnership with a number of PBMs and gather price information from many of such places. Goodrx gets a part of the administrative fee that goes to the PBM, when we use Goodrx card to purchase our drugs.

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How to Use Goodrx?

  • First the open the app or online website where you’re using Goodrx.
  • Type your drug’s name in to the search bar.
  • Enter the dosage and quantity according to your prescription.
  • Set your location.
  • Click “Find the lowest price” to get the discount.
  • Compare the results and choose a pharmacy of your choice.
  • Save the discount within the app or send it to yourself via text or email to save coupon.
  • After filling your prescription, just present the coupon to the pharmacist and get 80% discount on your prescribed  medicines.

Singlecare vs Goodrx

Singlecare is a free way to get affordable prescriptions, any prescription you need. It is free, simple and transparent saving option reducing prescription cost, without a catch.

  • Premium membership- Both of these money saving application are free to use. But Goodrx has a Premium membership program helping its customers to get additional discounts on the prescribed drugs, which Singlecare does not have.
  • More Popular- Where Goodrx proudly says about the 70,000 pharmacies its discounts are accepted, Singlecare advertises only about the the 35,000 pharmacy participating. Which is half as that of Goodrx.
  • Free Prescriptions- Now, talking about the free prescription, Goodrx promises its shoppers to get free prescribed drugs from selected retailers, which Singlecare on the other hand have no such facilities.

Hence Goodrx is much more cheaper and profitable to use in many aspects according to our analysis. But this does not conclude that Goodrx have all satisfied customers as some of them also sated that the discount price is not the necessarily the lowest price on everything so they at times have an another discount card that is actually cheaper cheaper than it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FaQs)

Is Singlecare better than Goodrx?

After lots of researches we came to conclusion that Goodrx is cheaper than Singlecare.

Is Goodrx is free?

No, Goodrx is not free.

Is Goodrx a public company?

GoodRx was founded in Santa Monica, California in 2011. Founder of Goodrx are: Doug Hirsch, Scott Marlette and Trevor Bezdek.


Yes! Goodrx is safe for its customers, we often get worry worried about our personal information getting in to wrong hands.

Finally here we have completed our post on Is Goodrx legit or Goodrx Reviews 2020, just comment below if you are having any problem regarding Is Goodrx legit or Goodrx Reviews 2020.

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