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Mercari Reviews 2021: Is It Legit Shopping Site or Scam?

Mercari reviews 2021: We always have some products lying with us, stuffs with don’t use or have never used from the time we’ve bought it. Why not sell it instead? We’re always about to buy or sell something online but then the fraudsters and scammers sitting around to scam us of our hard earned money make us take a step back always.

That’s the biggest reasons reviews are all about, which help us know everything related to platform we’re about to use. Likewise, today we’ve brought for you Mercari reviews, Mercari being an the online deal platform. In today’s generation all tasks have become online and fast, likewise even shopping.

Mercari Reviews 2021

Thanks to all the online shopping platforms which helps us Shop from bunch of beautiful brands each day. Not only these, nowadays you can even get a great deal online it helps you to buy and sell products online.

So, now if you have any products or items lying in your drawers unused for months you know where you have to sell these, get the best amount out of those and of course make some extra cash for yourself.

Why wait! use this amazing app today and empty your unused stuffs from drawers and cupboard. Continue reading to know how to make money selling stuffs around the house, as per the buyer’s prescriptive I’m gonna show you what Mercari is all about.

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Mercari Reviews 2020

What is Mercari?

Before getting some Mercari reviews lets know a bit about it. Mercari being the first privately held startup company in Japan which is valued at over $1 billion, having to reach unicorn status. Mercari, Inc. which was earlier named as Kouzoh, Inc. was founded by Shintaro Yamada, a Japanese serial entrepreneur in February 2013 and its application for both Android and iPhone being developed in July of the same year.

It is an e-commerce company or you can say a global marketplace allowing anyone to buy and sell products online. Currently it’s being operated in Japan and United States, it also expanded in United Kingdom in 2016.

Mercari being a total blend of eBay and Marketplace and craigslist being melted together. And you may say it as a more refined version of eBay but its not really for bulk selling by manufacturers.

Mercari Shopping

Mercari is all about taking images, taking photos of the products that are around your house or which you want to sell as a re-seller. To sell stuffs you need to do some simple steps, first take some pictures of the product you wish to sell from front and center to upload them.

List the descriptions along like Include the brand, the products name as these are things the shoppers look for while purchasing anything online, and finally set the price. Mercari makes selling products by people hassle free and easier.

Here you can do shipping by Mercari prepaid labels this gives you a benefit, an insurance of $200 in any loss and damage that occurs during the whole transaction process of your product. Mercari also promises to deliver your products at the mentioned address and guarantees payment.

You can also buy items here, for this open Mercari at any online browser or in the app. So let say you’re scrolling down the item and you see any item you find interesting, look at the pictures, see the title, read the details, description and see if the price is okay with it.

You can also message the seller and try to bargain if you wish to! Now, once you’re all done with the price and all, click on “Buy” button below after which you will have to confirm payment and you’ll be charged whichever method of payment you use.

After this the seller with now be prompted to ship the item out to you, they’ll package it, and they’ll ship it out. That’s when you’ll be able to start seeing the tracking updates by which you can look in to your orders. To track the item go to the home page of the application, then go to “My purchases” to look for your item and tap on it, below you will find “carrier tracking number”, that’s where you need to click on.

On doing so a page will open in safari and show you when your item will be delivered by tracking it. Your item will be delivered in or at mail box so go ahead to your mailbox and get that item right there. After taking a look at the item if everything is good you just need to proceed with me.

You’ve seen the product and everything is nice and intact. Now go to the app and again click on “My purchases” then go to the item where at the top you’ll get the message that your item have been received, if not then just click on “Item received”.

A Drop down will appear where you need to rate your seller as either good poor or great, you can also write some type of message reviewing the seller.

Finally tap to confirm to indicate that you have received the item and do not wish to return it after which you will no longer be eligible for return or refund. One last thing left to complete your transaction is the rating of the seller, so once they write you they’re going to be paid and you’ll be all done with it.

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Is Mercari safe?

Without any meetups you can ship your product, hence Mercari makes the selling process hassle free. So, now no meetups with strangers at strange places and get the best deals. If you’re wondering whether Mercari is safe or not. Mercari takes its initiative to take care of its users safety in the buy and sell processes.

And if you’re wondering that is Mercari safe for buyers?

Well yes! it is.

It bands certain items which cannot be bought or sold here, these include- Age-restricted or offensive items, Alcohol, Counterfeit items, Digital items, Drugs, FDA restricted items as in  food, vitamins, diet products etc, Financial products or services, Humans or human body parts, Illegal items, Items that are not in your physical possession, Items that are a safety hazard, Items which are used for identity theft, Live animals, Stolen goods, Tobacco products, and of course Weapons.

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Before getting into further details of positive and negative reviews lets first take a peek at how Mercari is rated by other platforms- Google Play Store rates and iTunes Store rates it well giving a rating of 4.4 and 4.8 respectively out of 5.

Whereas Sitejabber and Trustpilot gives a bad rating of 1.5 and 1.6 out of 5. Sitejabber has  878 Mercari reviews indicating that most consumers are usually dissatisfied with their experience here.

Mercari Positive Reviews

  • As some people are skeptical scared and cautious due to few incidents that have happened to them passed or they’ve read about it in the news or go to know through some  friend, for them Mercari allows its users to go to people, visit people, meet up with them and talk to them before many any further deal which makes the whole process easier for them.
  • They have a help center where you can communicate and get answered some of the questions like how the whole buy and sell procedure works, return and refund policy and others questions if you have any.
  • The best thing I like the most here is it allows you to sell to variety of products which also include some handmade stuffs, so whats better than getting paid for your talent.
  • It is absolutely free to use, you can download the app for free or just browse it online. It won’t even cost you a penny making numerous deals. All you need to do here is to create an account and keep going.

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Mercari  Negative Reviews

  • Firstly I’m going to tell you about the most common issue faced by maximum users, the customer service which is not good. People complain about the customer service not being available on time and don’t respond when needed, making the buyers frustrated.
  • One of the customer recently became a victim of identity theft through Mercari who sided with the seller, which caused $85 being washed away that customers bank account. However he/she got the money back later along with the fraud charges.
  • Sellers face problem while uploading pictures of the product they wish to sell. They say about the website constantly crashing and show errors with uploading pics even when we do it in the app.
  • Some complain that Mercari do not protect their sellers while they get stuck up with irritating buyers and Mercari side with them. It allows the buyers to return the item despite of wearing it for an extended time or returning the item destroyed. They also refuse to change Mercari reviews.

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Is Mercari legit?

Cleaning all our unused stuffs and get paid, Well! that sounds quite simple and easy. But before using any unknown platform we often have some question in our minds like whether Mercari is legit? or is it just a scam? for this reason itself Mercari reviews are all about.

Well! there shouldn’t be any problem regarding this at all as it allows its users to sell and purchase items without having any face-to-face interaction. Here all you need to do is put your item with photos and description and if someone wishes to buy those, you  just need to ship the item and get paid for the it once you’ve rated the purchaser item.

But still, let’s face it crap happen making us worry of not being scammed by the people selling on the other side. So to avoid this to happen you need to know- what is Mercari? Mercari shopping process? Where is it located? and of course Mercari reviews good and bad everything well in advance. For this we’ve helped you with all the possible information which will help you make a wise decision regarding Mercari dealing in the long run.

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