Offerup App Reviews 2020

Offerup App Reviews 2020: Is OfferUp Legit or Scam?

Offerup App Reviews 2020

So, today i’m here with an app review of a famous online dealing platform namely Offerup app. Lets admit it each time we land up buying stuffs which are later left lying unused in some of our drawers, closet or maybe garage. These products which are no longer of your use can help someone else and in return you feed our pockets as well.

Now, the first site coming up on your minds must be eBay, but wait that’s not the end to it there as many such online deal platforms which allows you to buy and sell products online. One of such easiest and most trusted way to buy and sell products locally is through Offerup app.

It is a free app available both for iOS and Android devices. There may be people who want to sell their furniture, electronics, car and tons of such great items online locally, so if you find any such items catchy enough while browsing just go ahead.

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All you need to do is chat instantly with the seller to negotiate the price, set up a time to meet and finally get them at a much cutoff rate. Also clear stuffs lying at the corner of your rooms unused for months, Offerup allows you to sell your own items too.

This is as simple as taking a picture which takes no time. Yes! you just need to post pictures of the item you wish to sell from different angles after which offers will start rolling in for its purchase.

But wait, Is offerup legit? can we trust it? is it worth investing here? will we get dollars on selling our items? and the list continues.

Of course we’re skeptical and find it difficult to trust any random online deal platform, for this reason itself I’m here with Offerup app reviews to give you all the possible information about it so that you can make your best decision accordingly.

Offerup App Reviews 2020

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Offerup App

Get Offerup App which is available both for your Android and iOS devices, without spending a penny from your pockets.

Yes! you can use this application free of charge and it is also available for download, simply download and install it from Google Play store.

It allows you to buy and sell goods online without any fee. Also includes an “offers” section where the sellers sell products in case of any emergency, products there are at a much lower rate.

Is Offerup legit?

Well Offerup app is open for all, and it doesn’t really verifies it’s users before getting in to buying and selling processes. So, there maybe chances for us to get scammed by sellers or while purchasing any items through this platform, to avoid this one needs to be careful while using.

Although it has received certain awards as one of the reputed platforms. Here the app allows its users to make some in-app payments whereas Offerup also advises its users to use cash method for payments in case of local buyers.

But mishaps may happen and there maybe some chances of getting ripped using any such online dealing platform, so it is recommended to take safety precautions beforehand. Like sharing the address and letting your know mate before you visit a customer who’s willing to purchase your product and you should also avoid shipping items.

Do not include any third party while doing the payment as they can eat-up your money in between or you may also end up not getting the product at all. Hence it can be concluded that Offerup app is legit and very much safe only if you take some of the these small precautions before using the dealing platform.

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How does Offerup app work?

We saw, Is Offerup legit or not? now we’ll get in to how Offerup app actually works, basically it helps you to buy and sell anything online. It is similar to some of the other platforms like eBay, craigslist and Facebook marketplace which can also be stated as some of its competitors.

So, when you open the “home” page of the app you’ll find on top both pickup and shipping sections. Pickup consists of items which are only available for pick ups and on the shipping sections there are items that people could ship to you.

Also below pickup there is a sorting option which allows you to sort the product by newest, closest or you can also set the price limit as per your comfort.

When you look at the bottom of the page beside home there is an “inbox” option, the messages you get show up here.

On the right side being the sign up or log in page where you need to enter using Facebook, email or google account in order to start making the transactions.

Here you also have the “profile” option where you can verify your contact number.

Now, press “Invite” to share the link among your friends and if they use your link to sign up both your friend and you get $5 each for free.

So give $5 and get $5 by just referring people with your link. Next to profile there is a dollar sign, “my offers” here is your offers where all the selling and buying are listed.

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  • Go to the home page and browse the numerous items listed there, let ‘s say you liked an item and you want to purchase it.
  • Click on that particular item and scroll down to check its price , its location, when it was posted etc.
  • At the bottom of the page there are two option you can either go to “Ask” to negotiate the price and ask any questions if you have, or simply go to “Make offer” and get the item. There are already some predefined questions listed for you which you can ask or place your own question its up to you.
  • You can get product both from the pick up and shipping section, you can also make your own offer by entering you offer price by clicking on “My offer”.


  • Now let’s go ahead and sell something for this you need to go to the dollar sign tap on the very bottom of the page.
  • Post an item which you would like to sell, for this you can either use “take  a photo” for using your phones camera or “select a photo” to get one from gallery.
  • After you choose 4 photos or so of that particular item from gallery just name it, enter its brand setup a title if you wish to and then click on “next”.
  • A page will open where you have to choose its category, condition, add a little description and press  “next”.
  • Finally set up a price that could be negotiated and enter the zip code after giving the items location, well! that’s all there to it.
  • Share your item on your Facebook timeline or on any other social networking sites to let the online empire make you an offer right then.
  • You can also click on “sell faster” option if you’re selling in emergency and pay in order to promote it, here you can also go for s 3 day free trial option before paying the promotional fee.

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Offerup shipping

Using this feature of Offerup you can sell your item to millions of buyers all around US. When you’re selling your item, you need to choose the delivery method while choosing it if you tap on “sell and ship nationwide” your item will be visible to all hence made available to be shipped.

You also need to make sure that you set the correct weight  of your product so that the shipping cost is correct. Now how will the buyers get access to your item? they can view it by just tapping shipping from the main feed or by searching for it.

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Offerup buyer protection

At times we get scammed and in order to avoid this we need to take necessary precautions, Offerup also has its buyer protection features. This reduces the chances of us being ripped while making the transactions to zero!

Suppose you didn’t get an item you expected for and you want to return it or get a refund, for this you need to inform the seller within 2 days of the delivery. They may reply you via Offerup app or they might not reply at all, in this case proceed we’ll these few listed steps:

  • Browse to the “Contact us” page of Offerup where you’ll get a form you need to fill in order to make the request.
  • Select “Submit a buyer protection claim” and after entering a valid reason for using you can use buyers protection
  • Offerup also asks for transaction id to look into the details of your purchased item, you’ll get this on the receipt or from the messages about the item.
  • Offerup will look into your request and ask for further documentation if needed then take necessary steps.
  • In case of return it will give the instructions and buyer will give back the item accordingly.
  • And in case of refund it will issue refund up to original price of the product.

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Offerup app scams

There are quite a lot of Offerup scams so you need to extra careful buying and selling stuffs here.

  • You can end up buying fake items here which mainly includes electronic devices, there are people who buys brand new phone or a camera through Offerup. But get scammed by its fake description, either the phone doesn’t work or camera is without battery and lens.
  • It is recommended to use cash method of payment, shipping products must be avoided and you should also not include any third party in the payment processes as they eat up money in between.
  • Often scammers and fraudsters try to message outside the app asking for your email or phone numbers. Never entertain any such messages outside the app as this is how fraudsters and identity thefts do their work.
  • People often open any random links which looks like Offerup and log in with their email and phone number, these are again scammers work avoid doing logging in. It is better to download the app and do safe transactions.
  • Some people have stated that it is not a good place to sell, as the customers continue to bargain even if you put that the price is firm and of course you won’t wish to sell your item at a loss.
  • The buyers won’t even move a muscle and they expect you to drop off the item to them, so selling here is a hectic task as you have to run back of buyer to get your item sold.
  • As Offerup app is made free for all, there are people selling posting anything for sale.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also rates it as F which is not good, probably due to the bunch of scammers and fraudsters sitting out there. Cars

Both dealing platforms Offerup and craigslist are mainly designed to buy and sell things locally, but as stated by many of the users Offerup is far better in buying cars.

  1. Mainly because its very intuitive/user friendly and very easy to use Offerup app works best on our phones. They are much superior in car buying, as it is a much safer platform to purchase a used car hence a safer way of going around about a car sale.
  2. Here the buyers and sellers are rated by their community, so when you’re buying or selling you’re rated  how many people have rated for you is also shown. So if you like a car while browsing in Offerup app the first thing you need to look at is rating of the seller and how many of them has given him/her a good rating. This will tell you if the seller is honest and a person you can trust.
  3. In most of such platforms like craigslist both the buyers and sellers remain anonymous which is again not safe as most of the scammers and thieves wants to remain unknown. Whereas in Offerup it verifies its users and there are quite a several layers of verification. So if you’re a buyer or a seller there are some prerequisites you need t do, this makes Offerup app safer:
  • You need to have a verified email.
  • You have to have a verified phone.
  • They encourage you to join, so that people could see that your identity has been validated by this company.
  • A Facebook page that can identify who you are.
  • And finally payment verification through stripe, you can make transactions buy or sell anything unless you’re verified through stripe.

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Sites like Offer up

You should always try other alternatives, there are many such sites where you can buy and sell products online. Either Offerup and LetGo is probably gonna be the biggest app in your local area, whereas 90% of America goes with Offerup app hence it is very much saturated.

So once an app becomes more popular you’re probably gonna see a lot more scammers on there. Other platform which you can use in Facebook Marketplace which is owned by Facebook and not all of us can get access there unless you have one real account.

Facebook Marketplace takes necessary steps to keep scammers at fraudsters at bay, they mitigate anybody that’s trying to scam by make a new profile stealing stuffs an again making an another account. Hence it is much safer than Offerup app. You can also try or and cash free cash.

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