SpyFly Review

SpyFly Reviews: Is It The Real Deal Or A Scam?

SpyFly Reviews: Today I’m here with a spicy topic, a review on Spyfly an app which you would love to have on your smartphones. Well! nowadays dating is no longer like it used to be back the decades, getting a partner is no big deal now after the development of many dating apps.

People across the world use online dating apps, there are many such apps including Tinder, Happn etc. These apps helps us have friendly communication with people all around the globe. But before going on a hot date with someone you would surely wish to know its background so as to protect yourself from being trapped or let say scammed.

Spyfly Reviews

Suppose if that person has any criminal records or some shady thing that’s happening with them, you would surely avoid him/her. Spyfly is a tool that allows you to kind of solve such problems, its only mission is to help individuals find and learn each other in a much simpler manner.

This online internet company was founded in the year 2012. Though we couldn’t get any such information about its founders who’re yet unknown, its headquarters is located in San Diego, California. And team member distributed all over United States. So, lets get started..

Spyfly- Know The Unknown!

SpyFly Review

What is Spyfly?

The most underutilized and important resources for any investigation are the court records which provides documentation for allegations proceedings sworn statements and affidavit’s taken under oath. Now you can also perform an outstanding warrant search online by the help of such public record website like Spyfly.com.

Spyfly is a web based service which allows you to get background information on any particular individual you wish to.

It helps you get access on their public records. It may sound a bit awkward but once you use it, you’ll know its worth. At time it happens that before getting into someone, whose background it yet a mystery there’s a bit of skeptical feeling that works for all.

In such a case if you get help from such a platform like Spyfly you get to know the person well enough in advance. And hence avoid facing problems in future.

Official Website of Spyfly is https://www.spyfly.com/

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Spyfly Sign Up

Now after getting a bit clear image about what Spyfly is all about, you may be wondering how to start using it? Before login you need to register in Spyfly. Now to create an account here you need to have a verified email id. First go to its sign up page and enter the required details, email being mandatory here.

For the confirmation of your registration Spyfly mails you both username and password which is required to login into Spyfly website. If you face problem in getting their welcome mail, then they advice you to rather check the spam filter.

If you have any problem in sign up or logging in you can also contact Spyfly by giving a ring on their Member Support team number.

Spyfly Phone Number:

Whether you want to learn the truth about someone new or want to investigate your loved ones, obtaining access to public records is often difficult. Well that’s where Spyfly comes in, it provides its members with the most complete and accurate background information available.

Hence helping them to reveal the unknown. And if you face any problem in logging or have any problem with the website you can contact Spyfly by calling on their member support number : 1-800-831-9235 / 1-800-349-9058.

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Spyfly Login

  • Now for visiting the member account page, you can either go to Spyfly official login page which is 100% verified or use the login link in the email they’ve sent.
  • Then simply enter your username and password.
  • And finally click on “Log In Now”.

You need to have both username and password for login in order to use Spyfly and get background information on someone. Now this someone can be your neighbor at any new place you’ve moved on, your new tinder date or be it anyone. It helps you get access to their up to date and exact public records but in a safe and private environment.

Spyfly Cost

There are several subscription packs that is charged according to the number of days you use, each of them comes with a 7 days free trail period. Initially you’ll be charge you $1. So the subscription for one months costs $29.97, three months $39.97, half a year $49.97 and for one year pack they’ll charge you $49.97.

And if you want to cancel your subscription you can call their member support team on 1-800-831-9235 and their representative will assist you accordingly to help you cancel it. Spyfly’s this support team is available from 5 AM to 9 PM PST. Either you can call them on their toll-free number above or reach them by emailing.

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How Does SpyFly works?

Using the advanced people search process is very simple all you need to know is the person name and the state he/she belong to start the investigation.

  • Open the site, simply visit their home page and enter the first and last name and state of residence, then click on “Spy Now” button on the right corner of the search bar.
  • Then Spyfly will go through all their database, once they come across anything matching with your data it will display an entire detailed report in under 5 minutes.
  • And you can go through them easily.

Spyfly Negative reviews:

  • In the reviews of Spyfly users have complained that the information is often missing. It does not really give a complete picture or let say a complete background of the person you’re searching for. People often say that they at times specifically know that a particular person have done some crime or has crime records but this tool doesn’t show that.
  • There are complains that the users find it really difficult to cancel the subscription after the 7 days trail period and it is also not much comprehensive.
  • There are charges that are hidden, you might think that he subscription are cheap but then end up spending more dollar than asked for.
  • Spyfly does not give any refund, after the 7 days trail period if you don’t like the site and want the refund they won’t even return you a penny. So, once you’re money is gone its gone forever.
  • As Spyfly says that if you forget your password you can contact them and they email you a link to resent your password. But the users have complains that it never sends any link making them frustrated upon trying multiple times.
  • In its reviews people have also warned not to install it as does not work most of the time. Spyfly doesn’t even have a 24/7 customer service team, it entertains request only from 5 AM to 9 PM (Monday- Sunday).

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Spyfly Positive reviews:

  • Red flag- As per our reviews, Spyfly is a good concept which provides with a starting point, so you can discover if the person is involved in crime or anything else that may raise a red flag for you.
  • Easy to access– Just provide some basic information that you have and get access to any information of a person. You can do this by simply visiting their home page and enter a person’s first and last name and their state of residence. Spyfly will then provide you with an entire detailed report of that person in under five minutes.
  • Trial period– for the people who’re looking for multiple options Spyfly has a free trail of 7 days. So if you’re not really sure about investing here you can go for this trail period before sign up.  An while testing the service if you’re not really satisfied you can also cancel the subscription and you won’t be charged further.
  • Sex offender-  If a registered sex offender comes from nowhere to your locality Spyfly immediately sends an alert message as they have the offenders database. It gives us safety and security from the people around us by locating sex offender in the locality. Which is again a unique and nice feature it has.
  • The website is very simple and precise to use, all the information you get here and the records are easy to read and understand.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) have also rated Spyfly as positive.

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Though it has quite a lot of positive reviews  you can’t say that Spyfly is all-encompassing. People think that they just payed the amount and they’ll get everything they could possibly think of on that person, but they doesn’t really get. Hence you have to kind of keep in mind that it is a limited service and  doesn’t really have everything that you would expect from it. So, don’t use this as your “the end” and all to try to figure out something on someone because its definitely missing information from what we’ve seen here.

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