Zaful Reviews 2020

Zaful Reviews 2020: Is It A Legit Fashion Store or A Scam?

Are you searching for Zaful Reviews? If yes, then here is an excellent review of Zaful. Shopping these days has become so much advanced that we shop our favorite clothes online, but trusting any random online deal platform is not easy.
Although they have made our lives easier, we get our best brands online without loitering around from one shop to another. You must be thinking about what could be better, but hold on! Everything has its pros and cons. Here we’ll take you through all right, wrong, and worst about these.

Zaful Reviews 2020

Many questions may come up on your minds before investing your hard earn money at any unknown online stores, like how’s product quality? how long does it take to ship an item? customer service available there? any many more.

There are may such online stores which help buy and sell products internationally but not all of them are worth to trust on, so here we’ll let you know all the factors through which you can judge that particular online platform.

You’re probably fetching for some Zaful Reviews which have brought you here, so I’ll share with you guys my full and transparent thoughtful reviews about Zaful.

Now, you must have already heard about Zaful online store who sells their products internationally having on trend new pieces that are not only super but also very cheap. Let’s get started…

Zaful Reviews 2020

What is Zaful?

So is an online shopping platform where products are available both for men and women, best for those who love to shop from their smartphones instead. The website has a very beautiful interface having catchy images of product which make you go back to it again and again.

They have a bunch of super cheap pieces selling everything from like uppers, lowers, jackets, shoes, purses, bathing suits and many more. The main website divides its products among few categories namely- tops, dresses, swimwear, accessories, activewear etc.

Products available for both men and women. Zaful’s local offices is in Redwood City and the website is owned by Hong Kong Bi’an Information Technology Co. Ltd, with its headquarters situated in Hong Kong, China.

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Zaful Prices Reviews

If you are searching for some pocket friendly online stores then here you go! Zaful has the best collections of cheap and highly discounted products.

It sells a huge collection of trendy women clothes including tops of different styles, sizes, decoration and material like nylon, Polyester, cotton, spandex and acrylic starting from $5.01 and expensive ones going up to to $100.00.

It has a variety to women dresses like mini, casual, maxi, print, maxi etc ranging from $10.01 to $50.00.

Same goes for men where tops section includes shirts, hoodie, jacket, sweaters whereas bottom include jeans, pants, shorts of different material available at $5.01 to $50.00 and the expensive ranging up to $100.00.

Accessories available for both men and women including jewelry, sunglasses, bags, shoes, scarves, hats and others ranges from $5.01 to $20.00 and more.

Zaful also sells a bunch of trendy activewear like gym sets, pants and shorts from $10.00 to $20.00.

Zaful Refund & Return Policy

Often we face mishaps and end up getting products we didn’t expected maybe the color is not the same, poor quality or product is defective, don’t worry as Zaful has it’s refund and return policy so if you are not satisfied with the items you received, they can easily arrange an exchange or a refund for you, and you can get your problem solved.

Now Zaful is taking 60 days to return a product you’ve requested for due to Covid-19/Coronavirus but normally it takes not more than 30 days of receiving an item.

Zaful also offers warranty of its products so when you return the defected product at the address given to you, they immediately arrange for a new item free of cost including free shipping. And if you want the full refund of that particular item, you can even ask for that.

The return or refund in Zaful takes 3-6 business days after this it depends on the method you’ve chosen to get your refund for example paypal refunds within 48 hours, credit card refunds takes 7-14 business days whereas wallet refund is the quickest taking not more than 24 hours.

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Zaful Shipping Reviews

Zaful offers worldwide shipping and all customs or import duty charges if any are charged from the customers once the parcel reaches its destination country. And if the customer requests for return of any item then the customer itself is liable for all shipping fee.

Normally standard shipment takes 10- 25 business days for the product to arrive. Zaful gives free postage for orders above $49.00, and $6.99 for orders between $0.00$18.99.

So, basically shipping fee depends on the shipment method you choose, your destination country, the number of item you’ve ordered and its weight etc.

Larger orders will naturally take longer time. It normally takes 3-7 business days for Zaful to process your order.

However, the processing time of the product can also be affected by the stock status of that individual item/items you’ve purchased.

If you want your products early you can opt for Express Shipping but here the tariffs and other possible related costs are borne by the customer itself. But the best way to get items within 1-2 days free delivery is to shop at amazon prime.

Zaful Customer Service

For US & Canada customers, customer service is available on contact number +(1) 360-824-5022, rest any shopper internationally can give a phone call on +(001)-360-824-5022.

Zaful Phone Lines are available in English for all customers from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 19:00 pm EST ( Eastern standard time). You can also reach up to them by mailing them on their email id [email protected] for assistance or join a live chat on their website.

Zaful Reviews

Good communication skills

The customer service here is impressive enough, you can talk to them through Facebook like the Facebook messenger or you can just email them and they’ll respond pretty fast but they don’t really end up helping you enough with your problem.

Free shipping

Zaful ships globally and it offers free shipping if you purchase items up to $49.00 and more. Shipping fee for lower range products is also not much depending on few factors mentioned above.

Zaful Com Reviews (Bad)

Orders may take forever to come

Yes! Although its not common but many a times it happens, customers have faced this problem of their orders getting lost even though they’ve payed for express shipping.

As a result they end up getting frustrated and don’t ever wish to purchase any item in future. Zaful is basically like a Chinese whole sale company selling bunch of sweaters, jackets etc.

You may never receive your refund amount

If you face any problem with the purchased item you can request for refund, although the reality being you may not receive the product at all.

They’ll keep you hanging with the refund for months and maybe forever. And ask you to be patient with the process, Well! that’s all you can do.

And if the buyer wishes to return an order all the return shipping costs, the custom charges and handling fee is to be borne by the them itself.

Tracking problems

Some customers have complained about the tracking problem they’ve faced, they don’t receive any confirmation mail or message that their item have been shipped or been processed even in express shipping.

And eventually product’s become lost somewhere. The rest of the shipping methods also have a very poor tracking system.

Shipping delay

At time shoppers have faced the problem of receiving their orders after months even though they’ve opted for express shipping leaving them devastated, discouraging them to buy any products further.

So, to avoid delay go for other online shopping platforms like Amazon and get them delivered within 1-2 days.

Problem with the size

Make sure you choose the size of your clothes from the size chart very accurately else you may end up buying item which is not of your perfect fit.

This problem have been faced many of the Zaful shoppers. So, it’s better to order one to two sizes larger than your actual size.

But again some customers have complained that even  though they’ve ordered for the largest size t-shirt/jackets they still seemed to be tight and uncomfortable to wear. One of them had also purchased shoe of 2 size larger which did not fit and they got their money wasted.

Conclusion on Zaful Reviews

So, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this brand Zaful which provides exceptional quality clothes and customer service yet women’s day magazine says that it’s one of the worlds top 8 retailers not to shop at.

It has an average rating according to Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is not bad though. Also above we’ve given all the information about Zaful reviews, their return & refund policy, their location, customer services and shipping to make you informative enough before you invest here.

Is Zaful a scam? No, it’s not. Although there are many reviews of customers stating their inconvenience faced while shopping, they are now trying their best to solve their customers problems.

Working so as to improve their services making them faster, improving product quality etc.

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